AREA 35 is an indie studio with big dreams.
From our headquarters in Tokyo our small team spends day and night dreaming of new ways to expose players to surprising new experiences that put a smile on their face or a tear in their eye.


TINY METAL: FULL METAL RUMBLE is the bigger, badder, and more metal sequel to TINY METAL.
Tactical war simulation with an all ages appeal continues with its classic turn-based system that’s easy to understand but difficult to master.
Designed for both casual and hardcore players, FULL METAL RUMBLE encourages everyone to engineer their own battle tactics and outwit their enemies!

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Fates intertwined on the battlefield!
A refreshing combination of old school turn-based strategy and modern design, with an eye towards casual enjoyability. TINY METAL appeals across gaming generations and interests, keeping the spirit of those nostalgia-laden classics alive while also updating and streamlining the design using the best of today’s standards.

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The highly anticipated No More Heroes 3 is out now, and we here at AREA 35 were blessed with the opportunity to work on certain modelling, scenes, and animations.

Game Development

AREA35 is always hard at work developing new, original titles for all platforms.
Relying on our network within the game development community both in Japan and overseas allows us to accomplish more than a typical indie studio as we strive to create works that will stand the test of time.
Unlike many Japanese game devs, we work with the industry-leading Unreal Engine for production, enabling us to complete development with a smaller number of skilled developers without sacrificing speed or quality.
We urge you to keep an eye not only on our finished products, but also our future titles as we continue to push for even more ambitious titles.

Video Work

We work closely with our affiliate company, SAFEHOUSE, to produce high-quality video production with real-time rendering. Our unique pipeline process, in contrast to conventional CG production, enables rapid iteration, which allows us to funnel highly imaginative design into the product from the very beginning to the final cut.

Unreal Engine Consulting

We work with developers across Asia, assisting with production and development using Unreal Engine 4.
Our expertise includes better integration of production and development plans for artists based on our actual production experience. We also work closely with programmers to merge their existing skills with those required for producing a finished product using Unreal Engine. As one of the first studios to fully embrace Unreal Engine in Japan, we have a wealth of experience to offer.


Utilizing our extensive industry contacts and ability to recruit talent overseas, we are capable of fulfilling a wide variety of localization needs for Japanese developers looking to bring their games to the West. Whether it’s simply a quick grammar and spell check to be sure everything is correct, or a more extensive translate+localize task, our resources are here to help.


Our capabilities extend beyond just the traditional gaming space, allowing us to offer a wide variety of services in the entertainment field.
In addition to AREA 35’s unique planning and development processes, we also offer consulting in the fields of toy production, distribution, and emerging entertainment vectors. Our goal is to help our partners excite the world!


AREA35, Inc.
NTF Takebashi Building 7F, 3 Chome-15 Kanda Nishikicho, Chiyoda City, Tokyo 101-0052
Game Development / Film planning and production
August 15, 2016
CEO: Hiroaki Yura
VP: Masamichi Eguchi
Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.
Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

Are you looking to join an energized indie team with a near-limitless potential for growth? We are looking for talented candidates to fill a variety of technical and support positions at our home office in Tokyo, Japan. Please see our links below to relevant job postings, or email with your CV/resume.


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